Interagency Survey of Data Analytic Tools


Data Analytic Tools

The government spends millions of dollars and hires thousands of individuals to analyze data on behalf of the American people. As technology changes and new tools become available each year to analyze data more quickly and cost-effectively, there is a reluctance to adopt these new technologies.

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What is data visualization and why is it important?

Data visualization is the representation of data or information in a graph, chart, or other visual format. It communicates relationships of the data with images. This is important because it allows trends and patterns to be more easily seen. With the rise of big data upon us, we need to be able to interpret increasingly larger batches of data.

Why do we need data visualization?

We need data visualization because a visual summary of information makes it easier to identify patterns and trends than looking through thousands of rows on a spreadsheet. It’s the way the human brain works. Since the purpose of data analysis is to gain insights, data is much more valuable when it is visualized.

How is data visualization used?

Data visualization has many uses. Each type of data visualization can be used in different ways. Data visualization refers to the techniques used to communicate data or information by encoding it as visual objects (e.g., points, lines or bars) contained in graphics. The goal is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users. It is one of the steps in data analysis or data science.